Recognising Positive Activity is fast and easy

Superbly is designed to impact the school culture positively and reduce the time it takes to recognise positive activity

Superbly message Dashboard

Technology with positivity in mind

 A single screen to send personalised, meaningful feedback quicker than ever

  • NLess clicks and scrolling than ever with a simple, intuitive single screen layout for ease of use
  • NCreate personalised feedback messages using the intuitive Send message interface
  • NAdd classes for quick access or select students from class listings, student lists and groups
  • NCreate and access templates for rapid recognition
  • NIntelligent messaging functionality auto updates for gender, student names and parent names - no extra clicks needed
  • NSend messages to student app or tag parents via email to provide full details of the behaviour
  • NOpen a world of positive communication with parents as they respond to Superbly messages

Data driven insights to promote positive recognition

Data analysis is easy using the dynamic and interactive dashboard which directs and prompts teachers when awarding Superbly messages or points.

  • NData driven dashboard to identify trends in Superbly usage across classes, weeks and terms
  • NInsights provided on number of students awarded, most common student, school trends and more
  • NTeachers analyse, reflect and adjust their use of Superbly app using data
  • NInstant access to Superbly lists with smart filters for classes, year groups, week, term, year
  • NEasily exportable data for further analysis or determination of awards / certificate production
Data Dashboard
Student message dashboard

All positive behaviour data and feedback in one place

Students have a fun, dynamic and engaging dashboard which shows a complete record of all their positive behaviour in one place

  • NPositive behaviours are fully visible and all in one place in the Superbly student app
  • NStudents see tagged behaviours, competencies and personalised written feedback
  • NStudents know exactly why they are merited or awarded
  • NData allows students to analyse, reflect and set goals
  • NStudents send teachers appreciation through the app in forms of emojis or set phrases - building rapport
  • NSuperbly points are used to unlock badges and other awards, increasing student engagement

No need to change anything!

Superbly fits on top of your current School Management System or wellbeing software solution making implementation easy and reducing the need to change anything!

  • NEngage parents faster by differentiating your positive feedback from all other school messages and emails
  • NIntegrate Superbly with your current wellbeing software or School Management System
  • NSave time with modern user-friendly software designed for faster messaging and emails
  • NFind all your positive incidents in one place on Superbly
  • NUse and embrace a positive recognition system which is valued by students, teachers and parents
  • NStart with an obligation-free trial and see the impact
Data Dashboard
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Doing Good Feels Good

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