Positive culture starts with recognising positive behaviour

Superbly is designed to impact the school culture positively and reduce the time it takes to recognise positive activity

Data Dashboard

Build a positive school culture

Bring all your school’s positive communication in one place!

  • NGain access to all positive incidents in one place
  • NMotivate staff to send more positive communication to the parent community
  • NHave all positive data and activity in one place at the tip of your finger
  • NGenerate school wide rewards lists and categories quickly and easily
  • NBuild a stronger relationship with the school parent community
  • NOver 90% open rate when parents see a positive message title in their inbox

A positive culture attracts staff and students.

Boost your recruitment capabilites with positive reviews

  • NPositive school cultures attract staff and students to schools
  • NReward staff for improving the school culture
  • NUse data to gain more insights into classroom behaviour
  • NParents are more involved when they receive positive feedback about their children
  • NIncrease the use of the school merit system
Parent feedback
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Boost teacher and student wellbeing

Doing Good Feels Good! Sending and receiving positive feedback boosts student and teacher wellbeing.

  • NEverybody loves to receive positive feedback and appreciation, it boosts wellbeing
  • NStudents and parents can send positive messages of appreciation to teachers
  • NPositive feedback fuels motivation for both the student and the teacher
  • NTeachers and school staff can send positive messages of appreciation to each other
  • NCentralised repository of all positive messages makes praising students easier in interviews
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Doing Good Feels Good

Start building a positive school culture now, its quick and easy

Improved Engagement

Enhanced Wellbeing

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