Recognising Positive Activity increases wellbeing

Superbly is designed to impact the school culture positively and reduce the time it takes to recognise positive activity

Superbly message Dashboard

Faster, more intuitive messaging system

Save time sending messages with a faster, more intuitive messaging system.

  • NCreate personalised feedback messages using the intuitive Send message interface
  • NAdd classes for quick access or select students from class listings, student lists and groups
  • NQuickly access all positive comments for parent, teacher nights or reports
  • NIntelligent messaging functionality auto updates for gender, student names and parent names - no extra clicks needed
  • NSend messages to student app or tag parents via email to provide full details of the behaviour
  • NOver 90% open rate when parents see a positive message title in their inbox

Build a positive and efficient classroom

Building a positive and efficient classroom is easy using feedback that is specific and timely.

  • NPositive classrooms are harmonious, engaging and productive classrooms
  • NStudents respond better to timely positive feedback and are more likely to repeat it
  • NStudents repeat positive behaviour when they know what they did well
  • NParents are more involved when they receive positive feedback about their children
  • NIdentify students that haven't received positive feedback quicker
  • NParents have a quick way to thank the classroom teachers for their work
Student message dashboard
WellBeing Image

Boost teacher and student wellbeing

Doing Good Feels Good! Sending and receiving positive feedback boosts student and teacher wellbeing.

  • NEverybody loves to receive positive feedback and appreciation, it boosts wellbeing
  • NStudents and parents can send positive messages of appreciation to teachers
  • NPositive feedback fuels motivation for both the student and the teacher
  • NTeachers and school staff can send positive messages of appreciation to each other
  • NCentralised repository of all positive messages makes praising students easier in interviews
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Doing Good Feels Good

Start building a positive school culture now, its quick and easy

Improved Engagement

Enhanced Wellbeing

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