Positive culture starts with recognising positive behaviour.

Superbly makes positive communication easy and effective, between teacher, students and parents.

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Improved Engagement

Enhanced Wellbeing

Build Culture

Transform school culture with a valued positive recognition system

Building a positive feedback loop between teachers, students and parents provides recognition and appreciation for everyone involved.

Students feel recognised for their behaviour, parents appreciate when they are notified and teachers feel appreciated when the parents and students thank them for their message.

  • NImprove student engagement through the use of a dynamic and valued positive recognition system
  • NImprove teacher wellbeing by building positive communication loops and sharing of appreciation between teachers, students and parents
  • NEngage the parent community who now receive timely positive feedback to inform them of their child’s learning and achievements
  • NAllow students to access data of positive incidents, reflect and set goals

Recognise positive incidents quicker than ever

It’s time we focussed more on the positives in education

  • NSend personalised positive communications to students and parents quicker than ever using intelligent, class linked and user friendly software
  • NImprove communication and feel a new world of appreciation from students and parents
  • NLeverage a positive recognition system which is valued to increase student engagement and improve outcomes
Doing Good Feels Good
Students receive recognition for doing something well

Students thrive off positive recognition

It’s time to recognise when students are doing the right thing. Superbly students:

  • NAre engaged by receiving more timely, frequent and effective positive feedback
  • NHave full visibility of positive communications and can directly connect these with required behaviours
  • NUse data to analyse trends in positive behaviours, reflect and set goals
  • NHave more positive learning conversations with parents

Sharing Superbly messages is quick and easy 

Superbly message dashboard

– Instant access to all student groups and class lists

– Create private and public custom groups


– Populate subject heading or select from template to describe behaviour

– Allocate the number of points based on behaviours

– Create and tag competencies or target behaviours


– Create and access templates for rapid personalised recognition

– Natural free typing without any extra click of the mouse to create personalised messages


– Auto-adapting text field based on class listing

– Insertion of student name and gender

– Population of message subject

– Parent name/s automatically added

– Addressed specifically to student and parents for personlised touch

Built by teachers for teachers 

“Where is all the data on our students’ positive incidents?”

A simple request from a Principal started the journey. Superbly has been set on delivering a positive communication loop between teachers, parents and students. Superbly provides;

  • NImproved teacher wellbeing through appreciation
  • NIncreased student engagement and motivation
  • NBoosted parent relationships through positive feedback about their kids

Designed to save time

We understand that technology needs to work harder for us. Superbly is designed to speed up the communication process with;

  • NInstant access to all student groups and class listings or create private and public custom groups
  • NNatural free typing without any extra click of the mouse to create personalised messages
  • NTemplates that can be created and accessed for rapid personalised recognition
  • NIntelligent messaging function which incorporates student name, gender and parent names

Doing Good Feels Good

Start building a positive school culture now, its quick and easy