Positive Ideas, Positive Conversations

Dive deep into the impact of Positive Recognition in and around the classroom

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The Impact of Positive Feedback in the Workplace: Balancing Criticism and Encouragement

In the article "The Ideal Praise-to-Criticism Ratio" by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, the importance of positive feedback in improving team performance is highlighted through various research studies and real-world examples. The research conducted by Emily Heaphy...

Enhancing Cognitive Load Theory With Positive reinforcement in Secondary Education

The principles of Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) have taken on heightened significance lately. As educators and advocates for student success, we recognise the profound impact that positive reinforcement can have on optimising learning experiences.

Understanding the Impact of Rewards on Habit Formation in Classroom Behaviour

Discover how rewards shape habits in classroom behaviour. Learn to utilise intrinsic motivation, stable routines, and balanced rewards to foster positive habits and student engagement for long-term success. Valuable insights for educators to create a supportive learning environment.

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